To be an intentional good neighbor as Jesus would be and to be a place for people who love God can use their gifts, skills and resources to serve our fifty block urban neighborhood.


Our mission is accomplished by providing a safe place:

  • For neighbors and those who love God to come together and get to know each other
  • For encouragement to families and individuals to grow closer to God’s intended image He created them to be
  • For youth of all ages to engage in healthy and enriching activities
  • As a launching pad for Christians to serve others
  • For all to be an intentional biblical “good neighbor”

Unique Strategies of Hope Central Ministry

We join hands – with our neighbors, with area schools, agencies, and businesses, with God-loving friends and ministries – as we walk this journey in His love. We are especially appreciative of area Churches of Christ joining together in a united, supportive effort of encouraging peace in our area of His Kingdom. Instead of concentrating in one area of focus (such as homeless adults, at-risk youth, single moms, unemployment, hunger, etc.), we serve households as a whole, dealing with all of their obstacles. This provides opportunities for almost  all members of our partner churches to find a way to be involved. While seemingly contradictory to growing a ministry, we actively keep a low profile in our neighborhood. We do not have a sign in the yard. We try to anonymously provide blessings for positive achievements in the community. We want to help reveal God’s presence in our neighbors’ lives, instead of conveying our role as one of “solver” or “savior”. To do this, our focus is about RELATIONSHIPS.